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Available Spaces By Grade Level


YAIL Academy

3214 Honolulu Ave. 

La Crescenta, CA 91214

(818) 369-7366

1st Grade 5/6

2nd Grade 5/6

3rd Grade 1/6

4th Grade 2/6

5th Grade 1/6


YAIL Prepratory

4250 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 101, La Crescenta, CA 91214

(747) 255-7600

6th Grade SOLD OUT

7th Grade SOLD OUT

Waiting List (Contact us for waitlisted)

Well add a class when we have six (6)

on the waiting list.

Last Updated: August 30, 2021


Enrollment is very limited. Only 6 students per grade level. Space availability is updated daily until filled.  Once classes are full, we will not accept any more students for the academic year.  Student from the waiting list will be placed when spaces becomes available. 


Select Grade level


Enter required information & add to cart.


Proceed to Checkout and submit request to enroll

We will review your enrollment request, and an invoice will be sent.  Once payment is confirmed, you will receive payment confirmation and additional documentations to be

signed via email. All signed documents need to be submitted prior to or on the day of first attendance.


Please download, and print the forms below and submit

them on the first day of attendance.

Space Available: IN-PERSON

1st Grade: 5/6 Spaces

2nd Grade: 5/6 Spaces

3rd Grade: 1/6 Spaces

4th Grade: 2/6 spaces

5th Grade: 1/6 spaces

6th Grade: 0/6 spaces

7th Grade: 0/6 Spaces



Last Updated: August 30, 2021

Waiting List

                               1st Grade: 


                               2nd Grade:                         



                               3rd Grade: 


                                4th Grade:                         



                                 5th Grade: 

                                  6th Grade:         



                                  7th Grade

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