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Montly tutions are due by the 7th of each month. Invoices will be sent out on the 4th week of each month. Students have access to the facility from 7:45am-6:30 pm, Monday - Friday. A single pod will be reserved for your student as long as he or she is enrolled at our program. Students will received help daily with setting up for school zoom, technical issues, school related works and homeworks, in addition to test preparation and projects. Students will automatically be enrolled in YAIL Academy enrichment program.


Payment & Registration must be received to complete enrollment.

NO refund or credit for absences.


  • Sibling PODs are ideal for siblings of 2-3 students.  It is well space with shared table and common area.  Sibling pods are separated from regular pods and students can freely move about in a larger space.   Students will remain in their assigned POD for the month. Changing POD is possible upon request 3 days prior and is based on availability. We will do a deep cleaning of pods prior to placement.

    * For Sibling POD of 3-4, please request in advance so we may make    arragements to set up POD accordingly.

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