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Cautionary Procedure

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

There are countless ways and scenarios by which a person contracts the coronavirus, and the majority of those ways and instances are unbeknown to them. Thus it is very important that we take precautionary measures like wearing mask, washing our hands regularly and observe social distancing. Even when someone exhibit symptoms like coughing, and high temperature, it could simply be the cold/flu, where as an asymptomatic individual is of high risk of transmitting the virus but exhibit no symptoms. It is truly very difficult to say who is and who is not thus we can only be proactive in our defense against the virus with cautionary practices in our daily activities and cautionary procedures to mitigate the further transmission from a potential exposure.


If you or your child exhibits any of the flu like symptoms such as coughing, fever or high temperature, please stay home.

Exhibiting "Symptoms"

Students and parents exhibiting any of the Coronavirus like symptoms, should not come to our facility. Please seek immediate medical advice/help from family doctors, clinics, hospital and other medical professional. Please advice our staff and management as soon as possible so we may inform other YAIL parents. (This is a cautionary practice/procedure to mitigate further risk of transmission to others).

High Temperature Reading

We will ask students, staff or parents with high temperature reading and or exhibit flu like symptoms like coughing, prior to entering our facility, to return home. Students and or staff with high temperature reading and or exhibit flu like symptoms during the course of the day will be quarantine in one of our designated office and his or her parents will be asked to come right away. All parents will be notified immediately. All students and staff will remained in their individual pod until they are picked up.

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